Our Outstretched Scope

We have a team of people which is expert in handling multifarious H.S Codes and items of different nature with appropriate S.R.O benefits wherever applicable.
  1. Scrap Leather “Chrome Tanned Bovine Leather”
  2. HMS Scrap Iron & Steel Shredded Scrap
  3. Textile and woodworking Machinery
  4. LED Lighting/Chandeliers/Decoration Items
  5. Textile Parts
  6. Textile Machinery
  7. CPEC Project Handling
  8. Home furniture
  9. Wallpapers/wooden floorings
  10. Elevators/Escalators
  11. Excavators
  12. Excavator Parts
  13. Chemicals/Dyes 1
  14. Courier Shipments at ICG Imports/Exports
  15. Firefighting Equipment
  16. Food items/Beverages/Fruit cocktails
  17.  CCTV Products
  18. Personal baggage
  19. Used Machinery
  20. Auto parts
  21. Fabrics/Garments
  22. All sort of perishable items

We do not stop here, we provide our services to a multitude of multinational companies and local giants which deal in numerous commodities.